Custom Microwave Testing

The Free Space Measurement System is ideal as a turnkey system for materials scientists and for iterative testing of materials.

Still, the nature of RF and microwave testing demands versatility. It may be necessary to test an object before and after use to gauge changes in materials in case of damage, to take measurements in situ for an object that can’t be moved, or to measure characteristics of materials that can’t be fitted into the sample holder.

Some of the customizations MMS can offer:

  • Robotic elements for placing samples and positioning antennas
  • Automated systems for scanning large objects for NDE / NDT and imaging applications
  • Advanced options for positioning antennas and Object Under Test
  • Focused Antennas in microwave and mm-wave frequencies (5.8 to 110 GHz)
  • Enhanced radome characterization
  • In-situ electromagnetic property mapping system for curved bodies
  • Compact integrated positioner and control unit, with either RS-232 or Ethernet communication link
  • Automation software for GPIB control of several vector network analyzers including the PNA from Agilent
  • Custom software packages for full automation of the system including logging of data and specification, storage, and recall of processing parameters

MMS has a distinguished history of working with the special needs of scientists and engineers in RF, microwave, and millimeter wave measurement. Contact us to discuss your particular needs.