Microwave Fixtures

Dual TEM Cells

A TEM Cell is a section of expanded rectangular coaxial transmission line tapered at each end to match standard 50 ohm coaxial connectors.

In the Dual TEM Cell (DTC) two of these cells are connected with an aperture in the shared wall to form coupled transmission lines. The material under test is placed over this aperture for Shielding Effectiveness measurements. The DTC is unique in that it has two output ports.

MMS Dual TEM Cell provides superior measurement of the effectiveness of shielding materials.

  • The aperture couples power to the two output ports asymmetrically , permitting separate examination of the couplings of the electric and magnetic fields.
  • Characteristic impedance of the TEM Cells is the same as that of free space.
  • The unique design ensures that the field is very uniform in the region of the sample.

MMS software uses a simple, friendly user interface to guide you through the process of calibration of the device and then of taking measurements with the Dual TEM Cell. The software automatically computes the SE data and stores it in the file you select./p>


Frequency Range:

DC to 1 GHz

I/O Impedance:

50 Ω Nominal

Characteristic Impedance:

377 Ω

Dimensions (Approx.):

150(W) x 180(H) x 410(L) mm.

Test Sample Size:

100 x 100 to 150 x 150 mm.

Weight (approx.):

2.9 kg.

ASTM D4935 Coaxial Cable

For far field Shielding Effectiveness measurements and for measurements at very low frequencies, the ASTM fixture allows testing at 50MHz to 1.86GHz.

The test fixture shown below is an enlarged coaxial transmission line with flanges for inserting the test sample.

MMS can customize microwave fixtures for specific applications.